In its time the BBC computer was one of the finest computers available in the UK before the advent of the modern IBM based PC and Windows. The BBC was developed with co-operation of the British Broadcasting Corporation as an Education project hence the name BBC. It had nice clicky keys, and although the first A version was intended only for storing code on Cassette Tapes, the following version B was designed for use also with one or more 5.25 Floppy disk drives, by insertion of an additional ROM. This shows the great versatility of this type of PC over the modern PC, in that the operating system could easily be updated ( without any threat of a virus ) by just changing the ROMs, providing rapid Boot up compared with even the modern Hard Disk. Later further ROMs became available, such as alternative languages, WPs, DBs etc, especially with the advent of ROM/RAM expansion boards. This also allowed ROM images to be copied for temporary quick loading to RAM. A later version called the BBC Master allowed for an additional CPU such as the 8086 for early MS DOS operation.Even the original BBC BASIC has numerous commands to provide extra control of screen display, printer output, Disk, and key functions, speech etc. The * prefix indicates a system command such a Disk or Tape control, and to access the numerous functions available within a variety of ROMs. It also had a versatile 3 channel sound system. A considerable number of extra commands have now been added under BBC Basic for Windows used to create or upgrade the programs below. Here are some programs demonstrating its capabilities to produce both music and Graphics etc. They can all be run by clicking on the BBCMENU.EXE included, and the code can be converted to ASCII BAS file using the BBCtoBAS program. Click on below to download or inspect the contents of any ZIP or see DOWNLOAD HELP

Considerable improvements over the original BBCbasic have been introduced in BBC4W at BBC4W Beginners can get an idea of BBC4W from downloading BBC4W Notes by reading BBCBasic.pdf included. The Zip also includes notes on the Orignal BBC Computer. In all fairness being as you can see at a keen Amateur experimenter in a variety of ' Basics ' for many years, I cannot really recommend BBC4W to complete beginners, especially if you have no previous experience of any BBC Basic. Though BBC4W has many advantages of other Basic, it does not lend itself easily to creating the widespread use of standard Windows type Boxes, Buttons, and Menus. As a simple example one needs almost a whole page of code to create a simple graphics window with vertical and horizontal scroll bars. Whereas in Liberty Basic one needs just one line such as ' open "Images" for graphics as #a : wait '. Even the free version Just Basic is the same though with a few of the Text functions etc missing. Likewise much of the complex coding such as in the Libraries provided with BBC4W embody complex Assembly Language and memory manipulation. The complex API code often used and demonstrated with LB can be easier to understand given a little help from various sources.

    MUSIC   Over 80 Public Domain Music programs obtained from BBS in the 1980s showing the Sounds that can be generated.
    UTILITIES   Mailer, Labels, Phone List, Adders, First Aid, Keys CAD, Music Composer, Patterns etc. BBCtoBAS included.
    FUN1     FUN2    Games, Animations, Sport, Variety of Sounds, Musical Keyboard, Clipart Viewer etc.
    PUZZELS  Various puzzles mostly with unlimited time to solve, together with various popular card games.
    LEARNING   Aids such as Speech generating programs, Typing Tutors, Arithmetic and Word tests etc.
    PROGAIDS  Demonstrations of BBC sounds, and using Windows boxes, buttons, and instrumental sounds for programmers.
    AMATEUR_RADIO  Variety of older programs Radio Amateurs may find of interest, some now need improvements.
    ZIPPER   Zip up one or more files, or unzip a ZIP file into the same directory using PKZIP and PKUNZIP included.
    BBCBASIC  Tutorials for beginners and articles on the original BBC computer" 
    BBC Animated GIFs   Demonstration of display of animated GIFS.
    BBC Clipart   Demonstration of display of Clipart.
    FREEWARE most of which is either produced by BBC4W or by using LBbooster available from
Creating and compiling these programs into EXE files is made possible using Software available from You will need this software to alter the CODE to any of the programs, such as improving some of the many old games above to use the Joystick of Mouse . Very comprehensive instruction HELP is included together with a course of Tuition and several sample programs. The only limitations with the Shareware version to download is on memory/programs size, unlike other programming languages it does NOT have any time limit to its use.
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