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I have always believed there is a God, otherwise do you or anyone know the simple answer to space and time, when and where it all began and will end? Something knows the answer, that is your God. But it is pity so many hundreds of millions of lives have been lost, and today are still being lost, because different races prefer to call this God by a different name, along with all the trappings dreamed up by Man. A famous French philosopher once said " If God did not exist, man would need to invent him ". I would certainly much prefer to die believing I will see all my beloved ones who have gone before me, than to believe there is nothing, and that life has all been a waste of time. When cynics deride us by saying there cannot be a God, or he would never allow all the suffering in the world, my answer is we are brought into this world to be tried and tested to determine what sort of afterlife we will inherit. It is therefore not for us to criticise why some suffer more than others. How do we know why they are being punished, if not for what they have done in this life, perhaps for what they did in a previous existence? Could it be some refuse to believe because they are too proud to believe in what they think cannot be proven? If so patiently watch THIS

I have long believed the Western legal system like here in the UK and the US is only really concerned with one thing ------ JOBS FOR THE BOYS. Common sense and justice take second place providing they can create plenty of work for themselves. Look at the crazy EU Human Civil Rights Laws used more to protect criminals and terrorists rather than law abiding citizens, and the years it has taken to decide on the Hillsborough disaster. I can never understand how any honest Lawyer can try to hoodwink any legal system to allow such as a murder he knows is guilty to be declared innocent.

With this never ending struggle to tame greedy banks, I shall never cease to be amazed at the way the so called SOCIALIST British government under the then PM George Brown first dealt with the problem when it emerged in 2008. Can you ever imagine the original fathers of modern Socialism like Attlee, Cripps Gaitskell and Bevan promptly handing over £billions so their greedy directors etc. can blindly continue to pay themselves massive salaries and pensions to continue gambling with depositors money with such abysmal failures? Surely the true way would have been to promptly Nationalise all the failed banks into a new British Bank. Then pass laws to sack every one of the directors and speculating mangers responsible, to ensure they were never paid a penny in compensation by salary or pension. Warn the conniving shareholders that they were unlikely to ever receive a penny in dividends for many years to come, and ration depositors by time and amount from panic withdrawal of funds without good reasons. Needless to say depositors' funds should NEVER again be used for speculation unless they actually agree.

What a pity so many youngsters who are struggling to get a job, often fail to understand especially now today YOU CANNOT PICK AND CHOOSE JOBS. In fact you often never could even in the days of plenty of jobs. Ask your elders who worked all their lives. Many will admit they did jobs not at all really interesting ------- but they got paid because the boss was happy with their work. Also many involved in Education do not seem to understand the prime purpose is to provide the kids with the tools to get a job, such as the 3 Rs, and learn to respect other people's rights. Not to go on adventure holidays, play football and play a guitar.

Why is it there is such an enormous outcry every time a civilian is killed, such as when a homicidal IS, Taliban or Al-Qaeda scum are also killed, when you consider the millions of civilians who died on both sides in WW1 and WW2. In the case of such as Al-Qaeda etc. much of the population is probably far more sympathetic to their fanatical aims, than were most of the German, Italian and Japanese people to their Nazi leaders. Yet like the Allies and the enemy all were subjected to far greater bombing. Could it be due to the risks now resulting today from the stupidity of Western Governments in allowing massive immigration into their countries?