Free Just Basic

This is a nice Freeware of version of Liberty Basic which runs many of many LB programs such as mine at with a few modifications. It will even allow the use of the LB Booster to compile the BAS files avoiding the use of some 10 JB files of over some 1 Mb. Instead just one EXE file is created of around 100 Kb. Click on JBPROGRAMS to download some working examples using Just Basic. Being in ASCI format you can view any BAS file using Notepad. If you need help click DOWNLOADS Unzip the file and click on JBmenu.EXE. You can obtain a full version of this excellent software from and click on TUTORIALS for a few notes of mine for absolute beginners that apply to both JB and LB. Once you have been producing your own programs with Just Basic, I am sure you will want to try Liberty Basic. The limited Shareware version is freely available from including many extra functions provided with Liberty Basic. It also has the ability to use a vast number of extra functions in complex API calls from Windows DLLs.

Be assured my system if always monitored by an updated full version of AVG Anti-virus.

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