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These are all completely free of any snooping Search Engines, Spyware, cookies or unwanted silly toolbars.

PAD file List for Distributors
Those showing this have been compiled using the LB Booster see http://www.lbbooster.com/

Click HELP for advice with Downloading below. Each ZIP below includes its own Folder to avoid any problems while attempting to install software in the Windows Programs Files. Freeware distributors are very welcome to host or quote links to any of those below. A Pad File is included in each ZIP file along with a Readme description of the programs. Watch for Updates.

Tests with Mint, Ubunto and Puppy using the latest relevant versions of Wine show most below should work with various versions of Linux, also on the Mac PC. There is also special Free Software for certain versions of Linux as above.

ON SCREEN KEYBOARDS 19 02 2015 v2.5 Here are three simple similar versions, one displays multi coloured keys. Text can either be saved as OSK.txt in My Documents or it can be Copied and Pasted into any text software when finished. It will also be saved if you activate the Notepad option and displayed there. Note to right click for upper case or use the red button to toggle the case with the OSKtablets version. DOWNLOAD

MBPS 25 11 2014 v2.1 This little program displays a long list of up/download times for up to 4.7 GB of data. If you do not know the speed involved it will calculate it based on the time taken in seconds and the size of data involved in Mb, then shows the list. DOWNLOAD

TEXT REFORMAT 18 10 2014 v2.2 Many modern WPs seem to make it very difficult to remove all of the formatting.This will reformat or alter any text Copied from a file or the clipboard. Use OPTIONS to Insert, Reformat, Remove a Character or all the blank lines. Copy copies text to the clipboard to Paste into any other software. Remember to use Clear Clipboard first before copying further text. DOWNLOAD

MORSETEST 1 06 2014 v4.6 These programs allow you to create Morse either from keyboard entries, or by using a TXT file such as created with Windows Notepad. You can also use the Mouse as a Morse Key, one even as a simple LBUG for repetitive Dots and Dashes. The speed and tone can also be changed and a variety of suitable instrumental sounds used with one version, including using the little single speaker in the Console. This new version 4 now includes the option to use the Farnsworth system of learning, or to include a small selected random delay to attempt to Humanise the timing. DOWNLOAD

CADS 21 05 2014 v5.4 There are many excellent drawing software available, but most rely on dexterity using the Mouse. Apart from using the Mouse to quickly change the operating point,these two CADS rely almost entirely on the use of the keys, thus enabling intricate drawing pixel by pixel. The program PlansCircuits can be used to draw electronic or printed circuits and plans, while the program PrintedCKT is just for Printed Circuits. Both allow for a black or white background, and selecting the thickness of the drawing line.The program wkeyscad is similar. DOWNLOAD

ADDERS 28 04 2014 v2.4 The popular little hand held available Calculators can be very useful, but few allow you to keep a record such as a printout of any calculations such as a long list of additions. This program include three ways of making and keeping a long list of additions. One allowing you to recall entries and make corrections, another to allow up to seven lists on the screen, and a third to check both deposits and payments to a bank account. All 3 can save the details as Adder.txt to be read by Notepad and produce a printout. DOWNLOAD

HTML CODER 07 03 2014 v4 Two versions create simple Web Pages. You can insert JPG/GIF images or as thumbnail links, and a music file, and text Copied from the Clipboard, and reformat it if required. It can also remove blank lines or any individual character such as the > in emails using the Text Window. You can select the colours of text, heading and background, and the width of JPG images with the height to width aspect of the original retained. An extra program enables you to create a .TXT or HTM file just of any reformatted text. DOWNLOAD

SPECIALFOLDERS 21 12 2012 v2.4 This allows you to inspect the contents or any of the Special Folders of Windows, many of which are usually hidden when using My Computer etc. To avoid any problems, it will NOT allow you to alter the contents of any of the folders. You will be asked if you wish to save a copy on any list showing, which will then be displayed using Notepad. The Favorites program allows you to create a list of IE favorites or a HTM page of active links. DOWNLOAD

DJSCRATCH 06 10 2013 v2.6 These 2 programs attempt to emulate some of the strange noises DJs like to create by dragging the Record Pick up over a vinyl record. DJSCRATCH makes use of any of the Instrumental sounds and voices supplied with Windows by way of the WINMM.DLL. You can also set the duration of the notes produced as the Mouse cursor is dragged up and down the screen. DLSCRATCHER produces simple Tones or Noises. DOWNLOAD

FILESEARCH 09 06 2013 v2.4 Here are three programs for searching for details of flies or folders, and text in ASCI files. Warnings are shown to block attempts to scan all the Windows Folder to avoid endless recursive searches within. DOWNLOAD

PHONEDIR 23 03 2013 v3.4 The two programs here are also able to create large or small printouts, and list both the names in alphabetical order, and the last 6 numbers in numerical order. The latter can be useful if you use caller display to quickly check who is phoning you, and ignore unwanted calls. The version PhoneDir2 can also produce a TXT file of all such information. DOWNLOAD

WINSOUNDS 04 03 2013 v2.4 Many versions of Windows are supplied with a WINMM.DLL file which enables programmers to produce128 instrumental sounds and effects, such as produced by the popular MID music files created by musical keyboards. These little programs enable you to hear any of these sounds in variety of ways, such as the two keyboard players. DOWNLOAD

TUNEPLAYERS 14 02 2013 v2.5 These play background music any time while using the PC. Select any MP3, WM,or MID file, the other music files in the directory will be selected at random and then played only once. The tune currently playing is always shown in the bottom toolbar. There are also MODMIDS3M players to also play MID, MOD and S3M music popular in Europe, one displays patterns while playing just one file. DOWNLOAD

SMALL AUCTION DBs 14 02 2013 v3.6 This is 3 versions a program to run small auctions. All work under Windows, one using the mouse the others once activated only the keyboard for control and entries. Full instructions are included with each version along with how to set such as the commission charged. DOWNLOAD

EMAILSITES 9 02 2013 v2.3 These 2 programs store your web site or email addresses in any TXT file you choose. This makes it much easier to save backup copies especially of email addresses, and create a printout. Also it should avoid any risk of a certain type of virus that hacks into your PC to make use of any email addresses. EmailsM is similar and has been tested capable of storing up to 10,000 addresses. It also has the option to store lists of bulk email addresses ready for Copying into such as Outlook Express. DOWNLOAD

COLOURPICK 01 02 2013 v2.3 These simple little programs provide an endless variety of colours, which some my might find useful in choosing colour schemes. Right click to change the colours, left click to show the RGB values. A PC is capable of producing 256 X 256 X 256 = 16777216 different colours, though it is doubtful if the human eye can differentiate between small changes. DOWNLOAD

RANDOM MUSIC 21 12 2012 v2.5 These simple little programs generate short musical tunes making use of any of the 128 voices supplied with all versions of Windows, that are used to play MID files. There are 4 speeds to choose to play the tunes. You might like to have a tape recorder handy to record the notes randomly picked by the PC as they may never be repeated again. DOWNLOAD

TALKING BOOK 27 11 2012 v1.6 The Talking Book causes the PC to either speak any text entered from the keyboard or read from any TXT file. In conjunction with Recorder kindly provided by Richard Russell of http://www.rtrussell.co.uk/ you can save the sounds as a WAV file such as a Talking Book for the Blind. The Recorder can of course also be used on its own to record sounds from any source shown. DOWNLOAD

BINGOSPEAK 7 10 2012 v.2.6 These 3 Bingo Callers can display large numbers to fill the whole screen if your Screen Display is set to 1024 x 768. It can be controlled by the mouse thus allowing the operator to sit some way from the PC. It will allow a recap by halting the calling to display all numbers called, and permit the colours to be chosen before a session. You can also chose if you want the numbers spoken and if the phrases are spoken, also if you want the PC to call the numbers automatically after a period set by you. The US version allows you to pick the total numbers. It is not advisable to use anything other than a mouse since touch screens and laptop pads are often too sensitive and can cause duplication of numbers DOWNLOAD

HTML FILES 30 07 2012 v2.4 These two automatically list a choice of all files by EXT as links in the same directory in FileList.htm ready for all uploading along with folder used. The names of Files must not include any spaces, so note the program will ask permission to remove such spaces by renaming the files. DOWNLOAD

HTML TUNES 23 07 2012 v2.3 This simplifies the automatic generation of a list of MID, MP3, or WMA music files in the same folder all as with active links in TuneList.htm for uploading. You can change the sample headings to choice. A warning is provided reminding of copyright restrictions on many MP3 and WMA music tracks. DOWNLOAD

PICRESIZEH 05 07 2012 v2.7 Not everyone uses super fast Broadband such as employing fibre optic cables, some even still use slow dial up. But many Digital Cameras are unable to create small JPG files such as by limiting the pixels to no more the 800 pixels in width or height, for fast emailing and up / downloading many JPGs, or the owners know how to change the sizes. This simple little program quickly creates such a Duplicate JPG of any large JPG with EMAIL added to the filename, and logs onto the directory holding other JPGs found after the initial browse to covert others if you wish. DOWNLOAD

ANIMGIF 02 07 2012 v2.3 These programs are similar to the Presentates of mine, but here they display the animations of all GIF files included in the same directory as this program, along with the accompaniment of any single MIDi or MP3 file also included. There are many thousands of these free MIDi files available over the Internet. DOWNLOAD      DEMO

COOKIECLEAR 06 06 2012 v2.7 This updated version can remove all cookies, except such as you may need to log into a forum. First use Edit Wanted to create / amend a list of those wanted. Use ADD for temporary extra searches of those you might want to keep to avoid deleting. This tries to detect cookie changes when first run. You may still need to re-log into some forums after making deletions. There are now EU and UK laws governing the dumping of cookies on users PCs without the owner's permission. CookieWatch can be used to monitor when another Cookie is downloaded such as while you are surfing. By noting the exact time you can use CookieClear to perhaps identify it. DOWNLOAD

PRESENTATES 11 09 2011 v3.2 This automatically creates presentations of JPG or GIF files in the same directory as Presentates.exe to fill the whole screen. It uses the filename of each JPG or GIF as the title If any one MP3, WMA, or MID music file is also included in the same directory it will play it as background music. HTMLpresn creates a web of image files without a Music function. DOWNLOAD

SPEECH BOARDS 26 12 2011 v2.1 These programs are primarily intended for use by the handicapped, although they could be of use as an aid to learning to read. They provide the option of two multi button boards similar to hardware boards often available. One consisting of phrases the other of just letters. Once the user has selected the phrases or letters, they can either be used to produce the speech sound or a printout. There are also options for the phrases to be altered by making use of Notepad, and on on the first board to make use of the keyboard to create entries. The user can use a mouse or a joystick to select the phrases or letters. DOWNLOAD

QSLCARDS 15 12 11 v1.5 Since in reading this you must have access to the Internet, then perhaps you do not wish to incur the cost of postage sending QSL cards even by using one of the QSL Bureaus, so why not email your QSL card?. This little program will help you quickly create both a BMP copy of your report and also reduce the size of the JPG of your cover photo to no more than 800 pixels in width or height, for fast emailing. The Report image is saved as QSLreport.bmp and the reduced size of any Cover photo as QSLcover.jpg. A sample cover.jpg for reducing is included here. Notice if sending while or soon after a QSO you can use the immediate time and date. DOWNLOAD

HORSERACE 25 09 2011 v2.3 This simple race could cause amusement at some parties, due to the betting. Bets can either be set by the odds chosen at random subject to a limit set A second option is for the stake unit to be set, then after the punters select a horse, ALL the stake money is paid out to the winners in proportion to the number betting on the winner. Any small amount remaining is shown. Four backgrounds are shown, and wait a second for each race to start. DOWNLOAD

GAMESCOMP 17 05 2009 v2.2 This is just a compendium of 6 very simple games that do not require complex decisions. DOWNLOAD

FILE EDIT 31 10 2011 v2.8 This allows you to either safely scan through a file or edit one. But beware making changes if Editing a File can corrupt it, and then activating after could upset your system, unless you know exactly what you are doing. This especially applies to those files in the Windows, or the Program Files Directory. Hex values are shown, but use Decimal values to enter changes. DOWNLOAD

RENAMER 29 07 2011 v2.2 This program can be very useful such as to rename ' image.jpg ' files created by a digital camera. You can chose any name for all the files in a directory with a selected EXT. A number will be added to end of the filename. It can also shorten filenames from the right to a chosen length, or insert say a number prefix to selected files, or change to lower case with the first letter upper case. It will NOT allow files in the Windows or Program files to be changed. DOWNLOAD

BINGOCALL 25 09 2011 v2.3 This Bingo Caller can display large numbers to fill the whole screen if your Screen Display to 600 or 768 high. It is all controlled by the mouse thus allowing the operator to sit some way from the PC. It will allow a recap by halting the calling to display all numbers called, and permit the colours to be chosen before a session. It is not advisable to use anything other than a mouse since touch screens and laptop pads are often too sensitive and can cause duplication of numbers DOWNLOAD

ALPHABET SPEAKER 12 01 2009 v2 This little program is mainly intended to help teach the very young. There are 4 options, 1 using the PC to speak the Alphabet Letters, or 2 sample words using all the letters, 3 a selection of numbers, 4 reading any TXT file. DOWNLOAD

BIG SHOW 18 12 2011 v2.3 This provides 3 options to fill displays best set at 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768. It can display a large digital clock set by the PC date, or a large stop watch. The third option is a scrolling message of your choice, where you can set the text and the background colours. DOWNLOAD

TYPETEST 09 02 200 v2.2 The purpose of this little program is to help anyone at any level to improve on their speed of typing. It includes both a list of short and long words to copy, along with a few lines which can be altered. Further unlimited lines to copy can be produced by loading any .TXT file, such as three provided. You can include you own TXT files by copying them in the Folder provided. All additional spaces are omitted for the tests. The tests can be spoken by the PC if required as an aid to spelling. DOWNLOAD

MOUSE PRACTICE 14 03 2009 v2 This very simple program is intended for those such as perhaps the elderly who have NEVER used a PC Mouse before, and are perhaps a little nervous. There are a variety for random placed circles of various sizes to safely click on, with any audible and visual indication if successful. DOWNLOAD

LABELS 25 09 2011 v2.3 This simple program enables you to print numerous labels and store the details as a .LAB file. It will print the labels in a single column or three in a line for a page of A4 paper / labels. Contact me if you want the settings altered or to print a chosen number of pages. DOWNLOAD

BIORHYTHMS 20 05 2012 v2.5 Some believe our behaviour is governed by 3 periodic cycles, with a peak and trough that occur every so many days. The cycle for Physical is 23, for Emotional is 28, and Intellectual is 33 days. We are at our best during a peak. The program calculates these peaks for any period of 60 days based on your Birthday. DOWNLOAD

ANAGRAMS 20 02 2012 v2.1 This creates Anagrams of up to 200 words in any TXT file produced with Notepad. It will also produce batches of Anagrams of 4 to 10 words selecting letters at random, so you cannot be sure they are true words. Once a list is compiled the answers are not displayed until required, and the lists can be saved as a TXT file to pass onto others. No answers can be produced of course using random letters. DOWNLOAD

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