Gordon's Free DOS Apps/Software


Each ZIP file creates a separate Directory, to avoid any problems while attempting to install software. You could create a Shortcut to the EXE file. If any below below do not now work with the latest Windows use DOSBOX. Freeware distributors are welcome to host and quote links to any below.

CADKEYS relies entirely on the use of the keyboard to draw. Although this makes drawing a very slow process compared with use the mouse, it is far more accurate, allowing even individual pixels to be plotted.. The first option for plain Maps or Plans, the second for Electronic Circuits. Note care should be taken not to amend the file RSYMBOLS and BLANK files once loaded, by mistake.  DOWNLOAD

CALENDAR consist of three options. 1- create a calendar of any single month or whole year. 2 - calculate any day of the week. 3 - calculate the number of days between any two dates. All can produce a printout.  DOWNLOAD

DISAIDS These programs are produced mainly for the disabled, especially those people unable to speak. They are DOS based but will work via Windows. Three programs are involved. 1 = Chat board allowing use of a Mouse or Joystick to use a keyboard on screen to produce speech, a Printout, and store/retrieve up to 10 chosen phrases. 2 = A simple version of Hangman using the on screen keyboard. 3 = Option able to store up to 800 simple phrases, which can produce Speech or a printout, and common phrases are included, which can be changed. DOWNLOAD

EPHPPINT Not all printer manufacturers provide details, in their instruction manuals, of the ESC codes needed to select the various inbuilt print styles available via DOS, and for programming. The EPSONTO.EXE is for the Epson compatible printers, the STARTP.EXE is for Star LC-240 and NX-2460 printers, and the HPDESKJ.EXE is for HP Deskjet series 500/600 printers.  DOWNLOAD

FSNOOP is a little File manager is mouse controlled, allowing files to be deleted, copied etc. Other functions allow relevant files accessible in your PATH settings to be activated.  DOWNLOAD

MAILERS The MAILER.EXE included has the ability to be able to alpha sort by the Surname then Title providing only the Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss or Mr & Mrs are used, then forename. It provides a variety of useful printouts. LABEL.EXE can be useful for printing numerous duplicated labels for the same person. If you do not have self adhesive labels, the labels can be cut out and pasted onto envelopes.  DOWNLOAD

MORSETST should help those wishing to learn Morse Code. The tone and speed can be set. and the sound is produced by the console speaker, Text can be entered from the keyboard, or any TXT/ASCII file read, such as the MORSETEST.TXT provided.  DOWNLOAD

OFICTOOLS consist of three types of Adders. 1 - single column recallable where you can check and amend entries, 2 - a multicolum allowing more entries to display. 3 - Bank statement to verify entries. All have the option to create printouts.  DOWNLOAD

TVSCRN is for testing the definition of a TV screen, such as might be needed for Amateur TV. In addition to displaying the usual high definition, cross hatch, and circular patterns, it will also display a variety large types, both stationary, and scrolling.  DOWNLOAD

TXTCONV should convert some WP or DTP files into a .TXT file. It can also attempt to prevent lines exceeding 80 characters, ignore all ASCII codes above 126, and those below 32 like 9=TAB 10=LF 12=FF and 13=CR, and reject extra spaces. If you attempt to convert an existing TXT file, the original will be renamed with the .EXT of ASC.  DOWNLOAD

TXTREAD3 There are probably many hundreds of TXT information files on any Hard Drive, most of which you are unaware and have never read. This will list all such files, than allow you to select up to 50 to read and printout. DOWNLOAD

VCHANCE iconsist of three options. 1- Bingo caller. 2 - Horserace with two types of betting odds. 3 - a variety of random numbers for lotteries. 3 -selections for the main UK Lottery.  DOWNLOAD

WINAIDS - Use DPRINT filename to printout a file. It will ignore attempts to printout a EXE or COM file, and has the following Switches :- DPRINT filename prints ASCII file ignoring Form Feeds (12). DPRINT filename /f prints ASCII file including Form Feeds. DPRINT /? displays this information. WINSHELL can be used under Windows to activate a DOS Shell.  DOWNLOAD

WRDGAME includes three files SIMPLE, LARGE and LINES to practice typing by copying. Warning given with mistakes. It also creates Anagrams and can be used on slower PCS to create Speech using TRAN included.  DOWNLOAD

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