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PAD Linux file List for Distributors        BAS Program code for below and Windows versions etc

While using Linux just click on any DOWNLOAD below to open up and extract from a tar.gz file. Then just click on the Linux file. Use HERE to open and extract under Windows. Each includes a Readme1st.txt description. Freeware distributors are very welcome to host or quote links to any of below. A list of Linux Pad Files can be seen above. Watch for Updates. All below were created with FreeBasic and has been tested on various Linux such as Ubuntu, Mint, Knoppix and Puppy, and found to work OK. As with all Linux you may need to set the permission to run any below using its Properties.

OSK 8 3 2015 On screen keyboard where you can save the message anytime as OSK.txt but rename OSK.txt to prevent it being overwritten. Please use Change Case for Upper or Lower case. DOWNLOAD

MBPSL 27 11 2014 This little program displays a long list of up/download times for up to 4.7 GB of data. If you do not know the speed involved it will calculate it based on the time taken in seconds and the size of data involved in Mb, then shows the list. DOWNLOAD

MOUSEKB 10 7 2014 Here are two similar mouse keyboards, with just different layouts. Left click to select letters etc, right click for Upper case. If you want to keep messages saved a oskb.txt, then rename the file to avoid it being overwritten. All such .txt files can be printed or altered by your Text Editor software by just clicking on them. DOWNLOAD

SPEECHBOARD 10 7 2014 You must have espeak downloaded and already installed. To check open TERMINAL and just enter espeak and then it will either display an instruction how to download or it will wait for you to enter some text to hear. Use your text editor to change or add and printout to the phrases limited to 10 letters and not more than 189 phrases. Left click to begin to insert several messages then Right click to hear them. Otherwise use the Keyboard. DOWNLOAD

SPEECH 12 6 2014 This needs espeak downloaded and installed, and explains how to achieve this. Unlike Windows speech with espeak works much simpler with a debian linux. So this little program makes it very easy to speak any message entered from the keyboard, or to speak any TXT file in the same folder as this. DOWNLOAD

HRACE 13 5 2014 This simple horse race is based on an old mechanical game, where model horses were moved along a canvass track by causing the canvass to vibrate. Although the graphics here are quite simple, it could cause amusement at some parties, due to the betting. Bets can either be set by the odds chosen at random subject to a limit. A second option is for the stake unit to be set, then after the punters select a horse, ALL the stake money is paid out to the winners in proportion to the number betting on the winner. Any small amount remaining is shown. DOWNLOAD

WORDTEST 01 05 2014 The purpose of this little program is to help anyone at any level to improve on their speed of typing. It includes both a list of short and long words to copy, along with a few lines which all can be altered. Further WDS files can easly be saved. Single words can also be used to create Anagrams or guess a missing letter. DOWNLOAD

FILESCAN 04 05 2014 Select any File to safely scan and display only the readable characters. A copy will be saved as Scan.txt then use your TXT editor for printouts etc, or rename the file to avoid it being overwritten. DOWNLOAD

ADDERS 28 04 2014 The popular little hand held available Calculators can be very useful, but few allow you to keep a record such as a printout or list of additions. This program include three ways of making and keeping a long list. One allowing you to recall entries and make corrections, another to allow up to seven lists on the screen, and a third to check both deposits and payments to a bank account. All 3 can save the details as Adder.txt to be read by your TXT reader and produce a printout. DOWNLOAD

ANAGRAMS 17 3 2014 This enables you to create Anagrams using up to 200 words in any TXT file produced with your text editor. It will also produce batches of Anagrams of 4 to 10 words selecting letters at random, so you cannot be sure they are true words. The lists of Anagrams and and answers can be saved as a TXT file to printout. No answers can be produced of course using random letters. DOWNLOAD

PICSHOW 26 2 2014 This displays all JPG and GIF files in the same folder. You can change the Heading, insert a text description from a TXT file. Also change the size of the images, and the background colour, and edit the HTML code to change colours or the print sizes. A list of random colour codes is available. DOWNLOAD

BIORHMS 26 2 2014 Some believe our behaviour is governed by 3 periodic cycles, with a peak and trough that occur every so many days. The cycle for Physical is 23, for Emotional is 28, and Intellectual is 33 days. We are at our best during a peak. The program calculates these peaks for any period of 60 days based on your Birthday. DOWNLOAD

OPTICS 26 2 2014 This program was originally created solely by an Optician to cover calculations for Spherometer, Laying in tool, SAG, Proof radius, List PCD.dimensions, Focal lengths, Refractor OG, Newtonian, Telescope spec, Parabaloid, and Cassegrain. So I cannot guarantee the calculations. DOWNLOAD

TEXT FORMAT 17 2 2014 This allows you to alter the format of any TXT file. You can remove all formatting, blank lines or any single character one at a time, then saved in Test.txt which will be displayed if you use Option 5 to select an Editor. DOWNLOAD

LABELS 1 2 2014 v 2.2 This simple program enables you to print numerous labels or simple introduction slips and store the details as a .LAB file. It will print the labels in a single column or three in a row for a page of A4 paper. Introduction slips are printed in rows of three. DOWNLOAD

HTMLMENU 23 1 2014 v 2.2 This creates a Menu.htm web page of links to all or selected files in the same folder as this. Then it provides options to display Menu.htm or edit its HTML code, such as the colours used. It can also list an endless variety of colour codes. You do not need to upload this program with the folder, but will be warned if any filenames contain spaces.Do not change the name of Menu.htm or it maybe listed. DOWNLOAD

PHONEDIR 13 1 2014 v 2.1 There are many ways you can keep a list of phone numbers of friends etc, such as using a Spreadsheet or WP. This program has the advantage of being solely dedicated to such, but unlike other software it can also produce a list of the last 6 digits of all numbers sorted in Alphabetical order. This way you can quickly identify an incoming call such as if you have Caller Display installed. DOWNLOAD

BINGO CALLER 5 1 2014 v 2.4 This Bingo Caller can display large numbers to fill the whole screen if your Screen Display is set to 1024 x 768. It can mostly be rcontrolled by the mouse thus allowing the operator to sit some way from the PC. It will allow a recap by halting the calling to display all numbers called, and permit the colours to be chosen before a session. It is not advisable to use anything other than a mouse since touch screens and laptop pads are often too sensitive and can cause duplication of numbers DOWNLOAD

MOUSE PRACTICE 1 2 2014 v 2.2 This very simple program is intended for those such as perhaps the elderly who have NEVER used a PC Mouse before, and are perhaps a little nervous. There are a variety for random placed images of various sizes to safely click on, with an indication if successful. DOWNLOAD

RELAXING PATTERNS 15 12 2013 These simple little programs provide an endless variety of coloured patterns, all produced for the original UK BBC Computer of the 80s. Some might find it relaxing to just watch the endless changing coloured patterns. The code for them all is available on this Linux Software page of my site. DOWNLOAD

COLOURPICK 17 1 2014 v 2.3 This simple little program provides an endless variety of colours, which some my might find useful in choosing colour schemes. Right click to change the colours, left click to show the RGB values. A PC is capable of producing 256 X 256 X 256 = 16777216 different colours, though it is doubtful if the human eye can differentiate between small changes. DOWNLOAD

MESSAGE SCROLL 16 12 2013 v 2.1 This displays any message of your choice up to 80 letters by scrolling across the screen. It could be used such as for laptop or tablet placed in a window etc. DOWNLOAD

KEYS CAD 23 12 2013 v 2.3 There are many excellent drawing software available, but most rely on dexterity using the Mouse. This relies entirely on the use of the keys, thus enabling intricate drawing pixel by pixel. The screen can be saved as a BMP ffile, so it can then be used in other software for a printout or to convert to a JPG file etc DOWNLOAD

CALENDARS 28 12 2013 v 2.3 Though there are numerous free software available to show any month of any year, few will enable you to create a printout of a full year or one month. This program creates a .TXT file of either, though you may need to change the font of the software to such as Courier to view it correctly. The program can also be used to check the number of days between any two dates or to find the day of the week for almost any date. DOWNLOAD

HOMEPAGE         Comments and suggestions for improvements always welcome gordonsweet2000@yahoo.co.uk